Bead Blasting Pool Service in Mesa, AZ

Pool Bead Blasting Services

At Purdy Pools, we address the distinct maintenance needs of Mesa, Arizona with our specialized bead blasting service. Designed to combat the prevalent scale and staining issues unique to our local water conditions and climate, this service not only restores the aesthetic of your pool but also helps prolong its structural integrity by eliminating harsh deposits.

The Glass Bead Blasting Technique

Glass bead blasting is a state-of-the-art cleaning method that uses fine, round glass beads to thoroughly cleanse pool tiles and walls. This technique is exceptionally effective at removing tough deposits while preserving the integrity of the pool surface.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  • Inspection: Our specialists start with a detailed examination of the pool to pinpoint significant areas of buildup.
  • Application: We utilize advanced equipment to apply glass beads at precisely controlled air pressures, ensuring targeted and effective cleaning.
  • Focused Technique: Special attention is given to areas plagued by calcium and other mineral deposits, ensuring they are completely eradicated.

Why Choose Bead Blasting in Mesa

  • Efficient Cleaning: Quickly removes calcium, algae, and other typical pool contaminants.
  • Restorative Outcome: Post-treatment, your pool tiles will not only be clean but restored to their original luster and charm.

Benefits of Using Glass Beads

Physical and Chemical Advantages

Our glass beads are made from superior-quality, lead-free soda lime glass. The spherical shape of the beads allows for a gentle, yet comprehensive cleaning that does not mar the pool surfaces.

Environmental and Safety Benefits

Glass bead blasting is the preferred choice for environmentally conscious pool owners. The beads are both recyclable and inert, ensuring no harmful substances leach into your pool or the environment. This method also minimizes the use of harsh chemical cleaners, fostering a safer poolside environment.

Bead Blasting vs. Other Cleaning Methods

Against Chemical Methods

While chemical treatments might work, they often carry risks to both the environment and the structural health of the pool over time. Glass bead blasting sidesteps these issues by offering a physical cleaning solution that’s both gentle and efficient, lessening the reliance on harsh chemical treatments.

Against Physical Abrasives

Other physical abrasives like pumice stones or high-pressure water jets can damage delicate pool surfaces such as PebbleTec. Glass bead blasting offers a superior alternative, achieving effective cleaning without the abrasive wear and tear.

Sandblasting Services

For cases requiring a softer touch, Purdy Pools also offers sandblasting services. Ideal for softer surfaces such as river rock or intricate water features, sandblasting is carefully applied by our experts based on their evaluations during on-site assessments. This ensures a tailored cleaning approach that maintains the structural and aesthetic integrity of your pool.

Dedicated to Mesa Pool Owners

Purdy Pools is committed to delivering outstanding bead blasting services to the residents of Mesa, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction guarantees that every pool we service adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and care.

Professional Recommendations

Professional vs. DIY

Glass bead blasting requires precision and expertise, making it a task best handled by professionals. Our trained technicians ensure safe and effective execution, preventing the uneven cleaning or damage that can occur with DIY attempts.

Post-Cleaning Advice

We recommend against sealing pool tiles post-blast. Sealing can trap moisture and chemicals, accelerating degradation and discoloration. Regular maintenance checks are advised to keep your pool pristine without the need for sealing.

How to Access Our Bead Blasting Services

  1. Contact Us: Connect with Purdy Pools via our website or call us at (480)-906-3578 to discuss your pool care requirements.
  2. Initial Evaluation: We will schedule a visit to assess your pool and determine the need for bead blasting.
  3. Service Appointment: If required, we will arrange a service time that minimizes disruption to your pool usage.

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