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Monthly Pool Cleaning

Purdy Pools is a full-service pool company that takes pride in our attention to detail of pool needs so our customers can have peace of mind knowing they will be taken care of each week. Your pool will receive top-notch service each and every week. After each visit, we’ll provide a detailed report via email documenting photos, chemicals, and insights.

Weekly Service Check-List

– Brush Pool Walls, Steps, And Tile Line

– Net Debris From Pool Surface

– Empty Skimmer Basket

– Empty Pump Basket

– Check Equipment And Settings

– Check Pool Chemistry

– Make Pool Chemistry Adjustments

– Backwash Filter

– Document Pool Results

– Same Day Email Reporting

Pool Equipment Repair

– New Pump Installation

– Leaking Pump Seal

– Sand Filter Changes

– New Sand Filter Installation

– Cartridge Filter Installation

– Salt System Installation

– Heater Diagnosis & Installation

– Automation Diagnosis & Installation

Speciality Pool Services

Tile Line Sand or Bead Blasting

Drain, Refill, And Re-Chem Pool & Spa

Filter Cleaning

Acid Washing

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    Honest Reviews

    We’ve been long time clients of Purdy Pools and have been pleased with the services that they provide. This is a business that I recommend for pool owners who are looking for weekly services and leave the maintenance to Purdy..

    – OB

    Purdy Pools changed my old sand in my filter… tedious job due to the location of the filter… and acid washed my pool. The communication and care was exceptional. I will refer them to anyone in need!

    – JB