Pool Equipment Repair

Pool Equipment Repair Specialists in Arizona

Purdy Pools specializes in professional pool equipment installation in Arizona, delivering top-notch pool maintenance and equipment handling to ensure your swimming pool is in optimal working condition. From installing advanced heating systems to ensuring your filtration setup is top-notch, we handle every aspect of pool equipment with precision and care.

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Pool Equipment We Service

Purdy Pools offers a comprehensive range of pool equipment installation services designed to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your pool:

  • Pump Installation: Ensuring efficient water circulation and filtration.
  • Heater Installation: Extend your swimming season with temperature-controlled pool water.
  • Salt System Installation: For a smoother and more natural pool water experience.
  • Sand Cartridge Filter Installation: Keep your pool water clean and clear with the latest in filtration technology.
  • Automation Systems: Upgrade your pool with the latest automation technologies for ease of use and energy efficiency.