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Professional Pool Services in Arizona Since 2016

Since 2016, Purdy Pools has specialized in ensuring your swimming pool is more about enjoyment than maintenance. Serving Arizona, we offer a comprehensive range of services for both residential and commercial pools. From chemical balancing to equipment repair, our skilled technicians handle everything so you can relax and enjoy your pool without any hassle.

residential pool services in scottsdale

Residential Pool Services

We provide regular weekly pool maintenance that includes cleaning, chemical service, and equipment checks to keep your home pool in perfect condition.

commercial pool services in scottsdale

Commercial Pool Services

Our team is equipped to handle larger commercial pools, offering tailored maintenance programs designed to meet the specific needs of your business facility.

pool cleaning services in scottsdale

Pool Cleaning Services

Maintain your pool’s look and longevity with our bead blasting, and monthly pool maintenance services.

pool equipment repair and installation in scottsdale

Repair and Installation

We specialize in pool equipment repair and new installations, ensuring your pool machinery runs smoothly with the latest technology.

Why Choose Purdy Pools?

Easy Scheduling: Book services at your convenience with our flexible scheduling options.

Fair Pricing: We believe in transparent, fair pricing without any hidden fees.

Certified Technicians: Our professionals are knowledgeable and certified, equipped to provide top-notch service.

Detailed Service Reports: After each visit we send a detailed service report via email, including photos, chemical level, and useful insight

Ready for stress-free pool maintenance?

Special Considerations for Pool Maintenance

It is important to maintain the proper water pH, alkalinity, and cleanliness of your pool not only for its longevity and safety but also for the health and comfort of its users. At Purdy Pools, our team of experts follows a comprehensive approach to pool maintenance that ensures the pH and chemical balance of your pool are maintained while keeping its filtration system running smoothly.

How often should my pool’s pH be checked?

It is advisable to check your pool’s pH at least twice a week during peak usage times.

What are the signs that my pool’s chemical balance is off?

Cloudy water, chlorine smell, and unusual irritations in swimmers are common indicators.

Can improper pool maintenance affect its longevity?

Yes, improper chemical balance can corrode pool equipment and surfaces, leading to premature wear and costly repairs.

Other Services We Provide

Bead Blasting

Effective removal of calcium build-up without damaging your pool’s surface.

Acid Washing

Deep cleaning for stained or algae-infected pools to restore their appearance.

Filter Cleaning

Regular cleaning to ensure efficient operation and clean water.

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