Residential Pool Services in Arizona

Residential Pool Maintenance and Repair Services

Since 2016, Purdy Pools has been the trusted choice for homeowners in Arizona ensuring that pool ownership is a pleasure, not a chore. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and training, providing weekly pool maintenance services that keep your pool pristine and ready for enjoyment at any moment.

residential pool services in scottsdale az
monthly pool cleaning services

Monthly Pool Cleaning

Purdy Pools offers comprehensive pool maintenance services, ensuring meticulous care and peace of mind for our clients. Every week, your pool will benefit from our exceptional service. Following each session, we will send you a comprehensive email report that includes photographs, chemical levels, and other important observations.

pool cleaning service in scottsdale az

Full-Service Cleaning

– Brush Pool Walls, Steps, And Tile Line

– Net Debris From Pool Surface

– Empty Skimmer Basket

– Empty Pump Basket

– Check Equipment And Settings

– Check Pool Chemistry

– Make Pool Chemistry Adjustments

– Backwash Filter

– Document Pool Results

– Same Day Email Reporting

pool equipment repair and installation in scottsdale

Equipment Repairs

– New Pump Installation

– Leaking Pump Seal

– Sand Filter Changes

– New Sand Filter Installation

– Cartridge Filter Installation

– Salt System Installation

– Heater Diagnosis & Installation

– Automation Diagnosis & Installation

tile cleaning services scottsdale az

Specialty Pool Services

– Tile Line Sand or Bead Blasting

– Drain, Refill, And Re-Chem Pool & Spa

– Filter Cleaning

– Acid Washing

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Proudly Serving Arizona

Since 2016, Purdy Pools has been dedicated to providing exceptional pool cleaning and repair services to the Scottsdale and Mesa communities. Our commitment goes beyond just maintaining your pool—we believe in building relationships. Our philosophy is simple: face-to-face contact, personal interaction, and respect are at the heart of everything we do. Every day, we strive to enhance our services to meet and exceed the needs of our valued customers with unwavering quality. Choose Purdy Pools, where your pool care is personal.

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About Us

Purdy Pools has a long-standing history of dedicated service in Arizona. With a focus on reliability and customer satisfaction, and a long history of training and experience with pool equipment installation, and chemical balancing, we’ve built our reputation as leaders in pool maintenance and repair.

Looking for a reliable pool maintenance company with tailored services with an informative approach? Call us at (480) 227-2189 and lets begin reviving your pool to 100%.

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